Fijitsu Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC

Fijitsu Stylistic ST6012

Fujitsu-Siemens just came up with another superb invention: the Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC. This 3.5 Tablet PC is pretty loaded; it has a 12.1" touch screen display at a 1,920 to 1,200 resolution, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 1GB RAM, a 64 GB SSD/320 GB hard drive options, an ultra-low voltage processor, and a VGA output. Perfect for business professionals who are always up and about? Think again. Considering the convenience that this piece of hardware offers, it might as well make it big not only with the professionals but with the fanboys and the passers-by as well.

Word on the pricing of this Tablet PC is yet to come out, but considering the specifications and features that it boasts of, common sense tells us that this device would not be sold off a cheap price.

True enough, the Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC is not a cheap find. Otherwise, the makers of this Tablet PC wouldn’t exert that much effort in setting it up with some really fancy security features, such as the Integrated SmartCard reader, a fingerprint sensor and a TPM module.

That covers it all, more or less. Keep our tabs on the Stylistic ST6012 Tablet PC; this one is definitely for keeps.


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