Fi-Hi Musical Bags

Fi Hi Musical Bags

If bags don’t seem to belong in the anybody’s gadget category, here is something that will change all that. The line of Fi Hi Musical bags would make you change the way you look at an ordinary bag or back pack. That is because this type of bag comes with its own speakers.

Yes, the Fi Hi musical bags allows you to connect your iPod and other mp3 players through its speakers to enjoy your favorite music with friends and whoever might be nearby. The bags are equipped with water resistant speakers attached to a 3-watt amplifier as an added sound boost when you connect your player to it.

With a Fi Hi musical bag or backpack, you have another option made available to you aside from your handy headphones when you are listening to your favorite tunes on your portable mp3 or CD player. Heck, you can even plug in your multimedia device or hand held game to give you the some much needed sound boost wherever you go. Four AA batteries is all it needs in order to power up your Fi Hi musical bag and enjoy better sound for as long as six hours.

Image Source: Aving News Network

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