FES Watch Changes Its Design At A Touch Of A Button

FES WatchWristwatches nowadays are beginning to catch up with technology. For years, they were almost at a standstill in terms of tech advances. After all, people simply use them to tell time. But with other ways to tell time, it was even once believed that the typical watch might someday fall into obscurity. But then, all it takes if make use of some new technology to make these watches look cool and interesting once again. New developments like the unique FES Watch may be something that is worth giving a chance.

The new FES Watch is a new and unique wristwatch that uses e-ink technology. Although it may not really be the very first e-ink watch to come out, it has something more to offer. This unique e-ink watch can change its design at just a touch of a button. Thanks to e-ink technology, the design changes not only the watch face but also the wrist strap as well. A video shows just how easy it will be to change from one design to another at a touch of a button. While it may be a very basic watch and will tell you the time, having a choice of 24 designs with a press of a button makes it interesting indeed.

The FES Watch is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign in Japan, the country where this interesting watch was developed. You can check it out at Makuake, Japan’s crowdfunding website. Unfortunately, only the Japanese can pledge to support the campaign. However, if you have a Japanese friend to help you out, you can have one shipped stateside once it comes out. But you may need to cough up $167 for it.

Image Source: Makuake

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