Felt Audio Rewind Bluetooth Control Dock

People using earphones usually have to deal with tangled wires before they can use them. This can waste some valuable time just trying to untangle them, which can even be a source of frustration if one can’t easily do it. For those who wish to avoid such hassles, the Felt Audio Rewind Bluetooth Control Dock may help provide the answer for tangle-free earphones.

The Felt Audio Rewind Bluetooth Control Dock is an all-in-one solution for those who look for a tangle-free music listening experience. This control dock houses a pair of premium audio earphones that comes with an effective cable management system to prevent the wires from tangling. Using the earphones is as easy as tugging at the retractable wires of the earbuds and then securely retract them into the housing afterwards.

The earphones also come with Bluetooth connectivity so that users can enjoy the wireless convenience with easy syncing with your Bluetooth enabled devices. The Rewind Bluetooth Control Dock also easily connects to any Felt Audio mobile device cases. It also comes with a belt clip for those who do not use one. The Felt Audio Rewind Control Dock is expected to be introduced sometime during CES in Las Vegas this coming month, including its pricing and availability.

Image Source: Felt Audio

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