Fastec TS3Cine Compact Hi-Speed Camera

Digital cameras have become quite advanced and the developments for better features come at a very fast pace. Even hi-speed digital cameras nowadays have become quite compact and portable, making them more convenient for professional photographers to use. But none may probably be even with Fastec’s TS3Cine Compact Hi-Speed Camera.

The new TS2Cine portable hi-speed camera from Fastec may be as fast in terms of shutter speeds can go for such a compact digital camera. Its somewhat point and shoot camera design may not show its capability of capturing images at 20,000 FPS. The TS3Cine also features a large 7-inch LCD screen, making it more convenient for users to view captured images. This hi speed camera can also capture 720p images at 720FPS and 1280 x 1024 at 500FPS. Incredible as the TS3Cine Compact Hi-Speed Camera may be, it may not be the camera for everyone as it is expected to cost around US$30,000 for the 128GB SSD version for pre-orders. The Fastec TS3Cine Hi-Speed Camera is expected to be available for those with the moolah by summer of this year.

Image Source: Fastec

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