Fasetto Link Portable SSD

Fasetto LinkDigital storage solutions just keep getting better and better with time. When it comes to portable hard drives, it is common to hear drives in the terabyte range. But more than that, many users are still looking for other digital storage solutions that can be both be portable and convenient to serve their needs. One interesting portable storage device to recently come out is the Fasetto Link Portable SSD.

The Fasetto Link Portable SSD is more than just a tiny portable storage drive you can use anywhere. The fact that it uses SSD instead of the standard hard drive that features moving parts that can heat up after a long period of use. The Fasetto Link eliminates that problem with the use of SSD tech instead. Not only that, users can benefit from using the Fasetto Link by virtue of its other convenient features.

More than just the usual portable external drive with a 2TB capacity, the Fasetto Link Portable SSD also comes with its own built-in quad-core ARM processor and 4GB of RAM. In essence, it is designed to be a tiny computer in itself, minus the display. Aside from that, the Fasetto Link also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to allow it to stream the files stored into it wirelessly. Pair it with a compatible device and you can stream movies, music and other media content from your Fasetto Link and into your portable smartphone or tablet using a web browser or a companion app. The Fasetto Link is capable of handling 20 links simultaneously as well as stream content into 7 devices at the same time. All these are encased in a cube that is just 48mm x 48mm x 23mm. The exterior chassis is made of CNC aluminum and shockproof ABS, making it tough and weather proof. The Fasetto Link is currently on display at CES 2016. It is expected to be available sometime in the latter part of the year. Pricing details are not yet available, unfortunately.

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