Fantasy Dungeon Archer iOS Game App

Casual game apps still appeal to those who play games on their smartphone now and then. There are simple casual game apps out there that are fairly quite easy to start playing with but also pose some considerable challenges to master. Games that require some marksmanship like the new Fantasy Dungeon Archer iOS game app can do just that.

The Fantasy Dungeon Archer iOS game app is a new casual game that does not require a steep learning curve but requires lots of patience and hand eye coordination. This is because this game app is actually a marksmanship challenge where you play the archer practicing on hitting a lovable colored goblin named Dora. The goblin is not hurt in any way as an arrow hits it and simply reappears when you reach a certain level. But the challenge lies behind where Dora is positioned.

Just like that William Tell legend, Dora stands on top of the archer’s friend and becomes a primary obstacle. While Dora is virtually safe even when your arrow hits her, the same cannot be said of your friend. A wrong shot of the arrow kills your friend and the game is over. Successful hits at Dora cause the shooting distance to lengthen after every hit, therefore becoming even more and more difficult. Making consecutive shots make you an expert archer over time. It is just that easy and fun to play with. The Fantasy Dungeon Archer iOS game app is now available at the App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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