Fake Motorola Aura Louis Vuitton Phone

motorola aura

If you are in love with the Motorola Aura and would like some fake luxury, then you will want to check out the latest knockoff: the Imobile Phone V453. This cell phone is a clone of the popular swivel phone with the pricey Louis Vuitton Monogram. The fake Louis Vuitton edition of the Motorola Aura phone is not the same as the original by all means.

This China-made clone sports a 1.5-inch LCD display, a built-in media player, a 1.3 MP camera, microSD card slot, and an FM tuner. It also supports GSM900/1800MHz networks. The fake phone lacks the celebrated high-end swiss watch inspired circular design , which makes the original stand out. This bastard offspring of branding replaces the Motorola Aura’s circular display with a square-within-a-circle one. Here is something new, though: a ring of LED lights surrounds the display.

The Louis Vuitton makeover of the original Motorola Aura is a case of double dose of phony luxury. The authentic Motorola Aura will cost you a whopping $1,999, while the fake version is anything but expensive. If you want a cell phone to match your fake Louis Vuitton wallet and bag,  then the Imobile Phone V453 is the best accessory to complete your set of fake luxury.

Image Source: Daily Radar

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