Fake iOS 7 ad claims update makes iPhones waterproof

Fake iOS 7 ad

Fake iOS 7 ad

A number of users who have iOS 7-powered devices are fuming mad after realizing they were duped by a fake iOS 7 ad claiming the update would magically turn their iPhones waterproof.

The fake poster for so-called “iDamp” looks almost similar to Apple’s advertising style, comprising of a white background and sans serif text. It reads: “Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof. In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry.”

Fake iOS 7 ad

The poster even claims that waterproofing is “covered by Apple’s warrantly policy.” The fake iOS 7 ad went around social media and got people try out the new “feature”. Not only did they learn the claim is untrue, but also gotten their iPhones ruined.

“Whoever said iOS 7 was waterproof **** you,” one wrote on Twitter. Another Twitter user bemoaned that his iPhone is at the bottom of the river after trying the iDamp feature.

The fake iOS 7 ad was traced to the controversial forum 4Chan, known for coming up with nasty Internet pranks, including fake screenshots of posts on 4Chan’s message boards allegedly written by Adam Lanza before he stormed Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 innocent civilians.

Source: The Telegraph

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