Facebook Trending Topics Being Tested

Facebook trending topics testing begins.

Facebook trending topics testing begins.

It has been two months since Facebook incorporated hashttags, way after other social media platforms have done so. And after Facebook hashtags, Facebook trending topics should come naturally, right?

Facebook seems to taking another cue from Twitter as the social media company has confirmed it is experimenting with its take on trending topics.

“Today we started running a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook,” a spokesperson for Facebook tells Mashable. The test is being run to a small number of Facebook users in the United States, all of which are mainly using the mobile web site (m.facebook.com).

Preview of Facebook trending topics

Facebook Mobile users will know if they are included in the test if they notice a tile in their news feed that features “trending keywords” (for instance, “Grumpy Cat”). Tapping on a Facebook trending topic would lead you to related posts from other users, including those you are not friends with.

Facebook has a long line of history of mopping Twitter, from the “@” mentions to the verified accounts, from the option to follow influencers to the introduction of hashtags. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media service seems to be trying to encourage more real-time conversations, which in turn boost user engagement and real-time advertising revenue

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Source: Mashable

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