Facebook officially launches Snapchat rival Slingshot

Facebook Slingshot

Facebook Slingshot

After “accidentally” leaking it to the public, Facebook formally launches its service aimed at competing against Snapchat and its self-destructing selfies. Like Snapchat, Slingshot allows you to send short-lived photos and videos to friends.

The only difference is that Slingshot users are required to share a visual moment of their own before they can see what images were sent to them. While this feature may put off some potential users, but Slingshot’s developers wanted to make sure that everyone using the app become an active participant instead of being a mere spectator.

Like Snapchat, you are allowed to take photos and videos using your smartphone camera, then add a message or draw an image before “slinging” it to other Slingshot users. In the process, it unlocks any images sent to you but you have not yet seen. You can either flip through them, permanently removing the photos (unless you use a screenshot), or send a quick response.

Another good thing is that you are not required to have a Facebook account to be a Slingshot user, as it only needs your phone number to register.

The app will be available in Apple App Store and Google Play on Tuesday in the United States before rolling out to other countries.

Source: The New York Times

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