Facebook Mobile Finally Has “Share” Button

If you are that annoying guy who shamelessly shares links and cat photos on Facebook, you probably have noticed a welcoming change on the mobile version: it finally has a “Share” button.

The much-requested featured is now available for the mobile site (m.facebook.com) and will soon roll out to the iOS and Android apps. Like the web version, “Share” lets users bring links and photos posted by someone else – even Sponsored Story ads – into their own Timeline along with optional commentary.

The Share button is located at the bottom right of status updates, right next to the Like and Comment buttons. Press it and the composer window pops up where you can add an optional comment. When shared, the story will show “via [name of who original poster]”.

At first, Facebook was adamant in putting the Share button on its mobile version because it wanted its users to create personal updates and not blindly passing along links. But judging from how Facebook users behave when sharing, that is not the case. “When people do use the Share button on the web, they often give their own description of a link,” wrote Josh Constine for TechCrunch.

So go ahead and share those memes, news links, and what have you. Make them viral like never before.

Source: Inside Facebook, via TechCrunch

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