Facebook Introduces New Messaging Service

Facebook has announced its new messaging service, or what they call a “modern messaging system.” It appears like an e-mail system with its “@facebook.com” at the end of each address, but they claim it is not designed to be “too formal.” Mark Zuckerberg, the main man behind the popular social networking site, said that the new system is meant to be “seamless, simple, and short in comparison.”

FB’s messaging system is devoid of any special features. What it does is that it integrates SMS, IM, and Facebook messages, making your conversation history from across various services integrated into threads. It also introduces the “social inbox,” which uses your Facebook contacts list to build whitelists for important messages.

However, do not expect your Facebook profile to change anytime soon, as the “new messaging system” (as they have yet to come up with a catchy one-word name to that) will pop up over the next few months.

Source: Engadget

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