Facebook Home Now Runs on Unsupported Android Devices

If you are like me who are not liking how Facebook Home is only limited to a number of high-end Android phones, this could be our lucky day. Mashable reports that Facebook Home can be installed on Android devices 4.0 or higher, even if Facebook has yet to announced they are officially supported.

While Facebook Home has gotten many smartphone users excited, the end up frustrated after learning that only a handful of users can experience it. With only around a million downloads within the first month of release, Facebook has to make a call and make their Android launcher accessible to many more consumers. Technically, they still have to make that call—they still have yet to announce anything about this.

Here is the catch: those who do not have any of Facebook Home’s supported devices (HTC One X, HTC One, HTC First, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Samsung Galaxy Note II) still cannot download the app straight from Google Play. However, if you manage to sideload the app (downloading it from anywhere other than Google Play), there is a chance it will work.

This means that even if your device is at least Android 4.0 and manage to sideload Facebook Home, there is that probability that you would only receive a notification about how the launcher is not supported in your device. That happened with my Kindle Fire HD, but probably because that is a tablet and not a smartphone.

But for those who are able to get the software running on their mobile device, you would receive a warning that you might not get “the best experience.” To make Facebook Home work correctly, according to Mashable, you would first have uninstall and reinstall both Facebook and Facebook Messenger before sideloading Facebook Home.

Source: Mashable

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