FAA to allow personal gadgets during flights

FAA now allows personal electronic devices during flights.

FAA now allows personal electronic devices during flights.

Airplane travelers know this all too well: you are not allowed to use your personal electronic devices (such as laptops, smartphones, handheld gaming devices, and tablets) as the plane takes off and lands. There have been appeals, most prominently from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to let go of this procedure.

Just recently, the FAA has finally announced its decision of allowing the usage of personal electronics during all phases of flight. This means you can play games on your tablet or read books on your e-reader throughout your air travel.

However, this decision has its “very limited exception”. For instance, you still are not allowed to make voice calls during flight. Also, the device must be in Airplane Mode and the cellular connection is disabled from gate to gate. You can enjoy the airline’s provided WiFi services for your online needs, as well as use Bluetooth accessories such as wireless keyboards.

The FAA also encourages plane passengers to lay off their devices as crew members provide the safety instructions. You should also place heavier devices like laptops on overhead bins or underneath your seat during takeoff and landing. And in rare occurrences of low visibility during flight, passengers are advised to turn off their personal electronics. You should also note that these new procedures may vary among airlines.

The FAA hopes its new rule on electronics usage will be implemented by carriers before the year ends. Delta Air Lines has already announced they will enforce it immediately.

Source: Engadget

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