EzAir EZR601AV Wireless Video Streaming Device

Online video streaming has become quite popular nowadays. But most of the time, enjoying them may be limited to how large your PC monitor or laptop displays are. How cool it would be to have online video content available on your new and bigger TV set at home?

The EzAir EZR601AVallows users to now be able to stream HD content from their computer to their TV system wirelessly. It comprises of a USB dongle that is connected to your PC and an HDMI/D-SUB Base that is connected to your TV system. This simple setup will allow you to wirelessly stream video content from your PC or online and watch it over your larger and better TV system. The EzAir EZR601AV, unfortunately is currently only available in Japan and costs 13,800 Yen to have. That’s around US$146.

Image Source: EzAir

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