eZ Gear Introduces You Rock Guitar

eZ Gear You Rock Guitar

At the 2009 Consumer Electronic Show, eZ gear debut its "most advanced video game and music controller." The "You Rock" guitar features "no-tuning, multi-touch gameplay" and "real-string articulation."

The "You Rock" guitar is designed to simulate a real guitar with a full, multi-touch fret board instead of buttons. This multi-touch fret board allows you to create different sounds.

This rockin’ controller is compatible with video game systems like the Nintendo Wii – which means you can rock out to Guitar Hero and Rockband World Tour! Plus, it can also be hooked up to your Windows PC or Mac!

Aside from being a game controller, eZ Gear’s "You Rock" guitar can also be plugged into your Mp3 player, iPod or iPhone using a .25-inch connection or through the ministereo jack, allowing you to play along to your favorite hardcore tracks. You can even hook it up to an actual guitar amp and try out new sounds.

eZ Gear will reportedly release a Software Development Kit later this year for additional expandability.

You Rock is available for $150.

Image source: Endgadget

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