EyeTV Netstream Sat Network Tuner

Technology has made it possible to merge TV and the PC together. It has become more and more possible to allow PC users to watch their favorite TV channels through their PC. With the new EyeTV Netstream Sat network tuner, people may now be able to wirelessly watch satellite TV right on their PC, Mac or even the iPad anywhere at home.

The EyeTV Netstream Sat can enable your PC, Mac or iPad to stream and record free to view satellite TV by connecting it in an existing WiFi network. It provides this feature in full HD quality. Once connected to your WiFi router, the EyeTV Netstream Sat receives DVB-S2 or Freesat signals fro your existing satellite TV connection and is able to stream it to your PC. The EyeTV Netstream Sat is designed for the European market and may be available by the last week of November. It is expected to cost around 200 Euros.

Image Source: Elgato

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