Eye-Fi Unveils New WiFi Cards

Eye-Fi introduces a new line of WiFi cards that automatically sends image files and video clips to your PC and on online sharing sites without having to remove the card from your device.  The the Eye-Fi Connect X2, has 4GB capacity and can upload JPEG files and videos to the computer and one of more than 25 sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and Picasa, with the help of a WiFi network.

The second card, the Eye-Fi Pro X2,  is an 8GB card that has RAW support and allow users to create an ad hoc connection directly to your computer so you can wirelessly upload files while away form a wireless router.

Finally, the Eye-Fi Explore X2 has 8GB capacity and offers lifetime automatic geotagging so that photos and videos are uploaded to the computer with location information already included.  It also has one year of hotspot access at more than 21,000 AT&T and Harborlink locations across the United States.

All of them are currently available.  The Connect costs US$49.99, the Explore is priced at $99.99, and the Pro is sold for $149.99.

Source:  CrunchGear

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