Exvision Introduces ZKOO Gesture Tracking Camera

ZKOOWhile touch features in many portable devices have grown to be quite popular, there are other means of interaction for devices that may also be getting some attention. Gesture-based interaction with a digital device is now becoming an exciting option. But with a few devices available in the market and limited only to closed systems, it has not really gotten widespread as it should have been. But Tokyo-based Exvision is introducing the new ZKOO gesture tracking camera that can change all that.

Users can connect it to different devices such as a laptop, mini PC and other compatible devices that then connects to the TV via HDMI. The new ZKOO gesture tracking camera is said to be the most responsive and accurate hand gesture tracking camera around. It can accurately capture your hand gestures and translate it to the digital screen from as far as 10 feet. It can also translate simple gestures as “Air Touch” controls, with no need for buttons or switches. This will allow users to interact and play with existing apps and games in a brand new way. The ZKOO can even allow users to type words directly into a TV screen without the use of other devices like a remote, keyboard or mouse.

The ZKOO gesture tracking camera is designed to allow users to use it to play existing games

And apps without the need for modification. It works both on Android and Windows apps. Users will have fun exploring the world of motion gesture controlled applications and games and interact with devices in total freedom to move.

Exvision is currently putting the ZKOO gesture tracking camera at Kickstarter to conduct a crowd funding campaign in order to gather funds for its production. It is currently available for early backers for $84. And when that is gone, the ZKOO will be available for a Standard Backer pledge of $99 on the site.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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