Extreme Road Trip 2 iOS Game App

Games involving cars usually appeal to a certain type of gamer. For those who wish to try it out, there are car-based games out there that do not usually involve racing, if that is what they don’t wish to play. There are games like the Extreme Road Trip 2 iOS game app that is just as fun to play with as other game types.

The Extreme Road Trip 2 iOS game app is an interesting and fun game for those who love cars but do not like racing games. In this game app, players have control over a car that has the gas pedal pushed to its limit and with the brakes not working. The game is more like a mission-based game where players need to accomplish certain tasks while taking the car to go as far as they can before crashing out.

In the Extreme Road Trip 2 game app, there are distances to travel, coins to collect, stunts to do and many other tasks to earn stars. Completed missions unlock other missions, giving players more tasks to accomplish along the way. There are also other cars to unlock, power ups to use and other locations to try out. Controls are just limited to helping you do stuns as well as timing your landings to avoid crashing out. It is an addictive and fun game to try out. Extreme Road Trip 2 for iOS devices is available at the App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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