Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Destroys House

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 causes house fire

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 causes house fire

One man from Hong Kong claims an exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 burned his entire house.

According to a report on Chinese news site Xianguo.com, the man (known only through his surname, Du) claims he was playing an app called “Love Machine” when the phone’s battery suddenly popped. Du was startled and threw the phone onto a nearby sofa, which caught fire. The flames from the exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 spread and caused serious damage in his house, as you can see in the photo below.

Du and his wife managed to escape from the burning house without injuries.

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 causes house fire.

There have been similar incidents involving other Samsung smartphones. Earlier this month, an 18-year-old Swiss woman suffered third-degree burns on her leg after her Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded inside her pocket. Last year, a man from Dublin, Ireland, claims an exploding Galaxy S3 caught fire on his vehicle’s dashboard.

However, unofficial products were involved in some of these incidents. The 18-year-old Swiss lady, for instance, was using a discounted replacement battery when her smartphone exploded. Du claims his exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 was authentic, including the charger and the battery.

Samsung’s Hong Kong office has said they are investigating the case.

The incident comes after a Chinese woman reportedly electrocuted to her death as she answered a call from her iPhone 5 while the device was charging. Apple has advised consumers to use only original Apple chargers.

Source: The Huffington Post

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