Exovault iPhone Cases Sacrifice Cheapness for Quality

There are iPhone cases and there are iPhone cases, but the Exovault attempts to stand out from the generic Chinese-made relatives. Designed and made in Brooklyn, New York, these cases are made from wood and metal. IPhone 4 users can choose between EXO6, which features open sides for good reception and even comes with an allen wrench and replacement screws; and the EXO5, with rosewood inlays are the sides where the antenna is found. Exovault also offers cases for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.

The prices of the EXO6 and EXO5 range between US$105 to $205, depending on the metallic material (aluminum or brass), the inclusion of engraving, and whether it is painted black.

Source: Exovault, via CrunchGear

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