Exemode Pocket Digital Camera

A digital camera has become an essential device that people bring along with them on a daily basis. The convenience of being portable enough is a feature that some people really look for. This is something that the Exemode SQ3om Pocket Digital Camera may be good enough for.

The Exemode Pocket Digital Camera is actually made in collaboration between Pokedigi and Camera People, companies known for making unique digital cameras. What makes this handy digital camera quite interesting is that it is small enough to carry around, measuring only 53×19×23mm. It is small enough to carry around as a key chain.

This pocket digital camera features a 1.95 MP CMOS sensor that can capture images in 1280 x 1200 resolution. It also has a 64MB internal memory expandable with a memory card slot. It can also shoot video footage in 320 x 240 format at 8fps. The Exemode Pocket Digital Camera is available at Camera People for 5,985 Japanese Yen. That would be around US$67.

Image Source: Camera People

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