Evolution Travel Jacket

Evolution Travel Jacket

Traveling light nowadays seems to be the norm, now that more and more airlines are charging passengers extra fees for additional baggage. But it can’t be helped that some passengers would want to bring along another bag during their travels for more convenience. The same passengers may also not be so welcoming of having to pay for the extra baggage they bring. But there is still a way out if this predicament. You may consider using the Evolution Travel Jacket the next time you go on vacation.

The Evolution Travel Jacket was designed by Scottevest for one purpose- to enable people to organize their traveling gear and gadgets more efficiently and at a uniquely convenient way. The Evolution Travel Jacket contains a total of 25 different sized pockets, perfect for storing most of your travel essentials. It is also designed with its patented Personal Area Network composed of a network or hidden conduits for connecting wires of your different gadgets.

Its No-Bulge Pocket design allows storage of your travel essentials on the jacket without the unsightly bulges. Magnetic pocket closures and wind flaps all help make your gadgets and other travel items quite secure. Use all the compartments in your Evolution Travel Jacket and you can free up valuable space in your hand carry or backpack for your other things. It might even help you prevent having to bring along another extra baggage and be charged for it. The Evolution Travel Jacket is available at Scottevest for US$150.

Image Source: Scottevest

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