Evolution Robotics Mint Cleaning Robot

Robots are fast becoming a common feature in homes. Although they may not look like your usual robot, there are now such devices that can help on certain tasks around the home. One example would be the Mint Cleaning Robot from Evolution Robotics.

The Mint Cleaning Robot can clean your floor for you. It can do the task for as long as 3 hours for each charge. It features the NorthStar Navigation System that allows it to keep track of its movements to make sure that every area it is tasked to clean is well covered. It also features smart sensors that allows it to avoid stairs and area rugs. Its compact and square shape makes it able to clean corners and even hard to reach places.

The Mint Cleaning Robot makes use of microfiber cloth available in most stores to clean floors for dry sweeping or wet mopping. Its quiet operation allows it to work without causing any disturbance to the peace in your home. The Evolution Robotics Mint Cleaning Robot is available at the Mint Cleaner website for US$250.

Image Source: Mint Cleaner

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