Everleds Lithium Ion Solar Street Light

Many companies are now keeping up with developing technologies that harness the power of the sun. Solar power is free and devices that will effectively harness that energy for functional use is becoming quite popular. In the case of Sanyo and Panasonic, both companies have partnered up to develop the new Everleds Lithium Ion Solar Street Light.

Panasonic and Sanyo has recently launched the Everleds Lithium Ion Solar Street Light, a street lighting solution that combines the use of solar cells and lithium ion batteries to power up LED’s to provide lighting for streets and other public areas in the near future. This solar street light features Sonya’s highly efficient HIT solar cells along with its lithium ion batteries attached to the back of the solar panels. Together, they provide power to high efficiency Panasonic LED lights for up to 15 hours during the night. The Everleds Lithium Ion Solar Street Light is expected to be released in the market by January 2011. There’s no info yet on its expected pricing.

Image Source: Sanyo

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