Evak Vacuum Storage Container

EVAK Vacuum Storage ContainerStoring foodstuff to make them last long takes a lot of preparation and planning. It helps that you try to prevent them from going to waste. But try as you might, some food just cannot last long when you store them, unless you store them in a vacuum container devoid of air. If you are looking for one, this Evak Vacuum Storage Container fits the bill quite nicely.

The Evak Vacuum Storage Container provides you with a way of storing foodstuff longer. This container is designed to store dry food longer by taking the air out of the container, creating a vacuum inside that lets food stay longer. The container lid features a twin valve system that lets the air out to avoid food from becoming stale. Air can host microscopic bacteria that can spoil food. Taking the air out can help store them longer. The Evak Vacuum Storage Container’s special lid can fit snugly into the mouth of the Borosilicate glass container. Just push the lid inside by pushing the handle down, forcing out the air inside.

The twin valve system is also designed so that lid will also be easy to remove. The Evak Vacuum Storage Container comes in a 24 oz size container, good enough to store half a pound of coffee beans. It is available at Think Geek for $25. Image Source: Think Geek

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