Etymotic Ety8 Bluetooth Headphones

Etymotic Ety8

Etymotic Research Inc. is one of the leaders of in-ear technology. Etymotic has recently added a new product to its outstanding line of innovative ear technology.

Ety8 Features

Ety8 is the world’s first ever in-ear, high-fidelity, noise-isolating wireless earphones.

Ety8 uses bluetooth technology to connect to devices for your most comfortable, high-quality listening experience.

Device compatibility

Ety8 is compatible with devices that support bluetooth specification 1.1 and higher. This in-ear device also supports A2Dp and AVRCP profiles for radio listening.

Another plus is the Ety8’s iPod adapter that allows for two-way communication with the latest iPod models. The bluetooth iPod adapter wirelessly connects your iPod to your Ety8 earphones and which then allows you to control the volume and the up/down, previous/next functions via either your iPod or your Ety8.

iPod models supported: 1st generation mini, 1st & 2nd generation Nanos, 4th and 5th generation iPods.

Ety8’s battery life lasts up to 8-10 hours, and uses USB power port and cable for recharging.

Technical Specifications:

Transducer Type: Balanced armature

Frequency Response Accuracy:
50 Hz -6 kHz ± 3 dB; 20 Hz -15 kHz ± 6 dB

Noise Isolation:
35 dB with flanged eartip, deeply inserted
40 dB with foam eartip, deeply inserted

Max Output:
110 dB SPL

< 14 gms each earphone

Battery Life (iPod):
6-9 hours depending on the iPod model

Battery Life (non iPod):
7 to 10 hours depending on the connected BT device

Charging Time:
1 hour to 80% charge. 2-3 hours from empty battery to full charge

>10 meters in free space
Body absorption: The body blocks transmission.
Use the music player on the same side of the body as the R earphone.

Volume Control Range (iPod):
50 dB

Volume Control Range (non-iPod):
40 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion:
< 4% at 1 kHz at a nominal output of 100 dB SPL

Sampling Rate:
44.1 kHz, 16 bit resolution


Image source: Etymotic

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