Etymotic ER4P Earphones

Etymotic ER4P Earphones

Etymotic ER4P earphones may look like your usual portable media player earphones. But this brand of has refined and more advanced technology built into it. You could consider it as an earphone worthy for serious audiophiles rather than just any typical music loving set.

The Etymotic ER4P earphone is designed for your portable media players but employs advanced audio technology used for making high end audio devices used mainly by audio and recording professionals and musicians. What the Etymotic ER4P earphones offer in terms of sound quality might be the next best thing to hearing live music. Using this earphone and you would think that you would be hearing live music coming from your portable media player.

The Etymotic ER4P earphones features external noise exclusion properties that allow users to hear a full dynamic range of audio without necessarily turning up the volume at unsafe levels. This type of earphones are more designed for critical audio quality listening. But now you can use them for your own use to enjoy high quality sound when playing your portable media players wherever you go. The Etymotic ER4P earphones are available at Amazon for $182.10.

Image Source: Etymotic Research

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