Etymotic Custom Fit Earmold Program

Music listening using your earbud phones may depend on how well they fit. Some people may find it hard to listen well using earbuds mainly because the tips just don’t fit well into their ears. And because ear shapes can differ from one person to another, it doesn’t help that earbuds only have standard sizes that at times may not be ideal for certain ear shapes.

For those who especially require a more fitting type of earbud design, Etymotic Research, a maker of specialized listening devices, has developed the Etymotic Custom Fit Earmold Program to allow people with irregular ear shapes to finally find a fitting pair of earbuds to use. This customized in ear technology allows users to finally have earbud tips that can be customized to fit snugly into their ears.

The said program may require Etymotic earphone users to have their ear impressions made by an authorized audiologist. Online registration and a corresponding voucher may be required from Etymotic for this. Etymotic will then require the customized ear impressions to design personalized Etymotic Custom Fit earmolds that will replace the eartips of your Etymotic earphones. It will come at a cost of US$100, but it may be something that will generally be something quite useful for those who wish to get the most our of their Etymotic earphones.

Image Source: Etymotic

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