Eton Road Torq Emergency Light

When traveling on the road, it always pays to come prepared for any emergency. Being caught up in the road at night with a flat tire or a car engine that needs checking up can become dangerous if you do not have proper lighting. Having an emergency light handy like the Eton Road Torq Emergency Light would really be quite helpful in keeping you safe.

The Eton Road Torq Emergency Beacon is designed to provide lighting when needed during emergencies. This emergency light features a self-powered aluminum dynamo hand crank that can be used to generate the power it needs to light up. Armed with TurboDyne technology, the hand crank can generate electric power for its rechargeable lithium ion batteries to power the 1 watt LED spotlight or the 3 LED flashing beacon. Two minutes of hand cranking can be enough to provide 15 minutes worth of much needed light during emergencies. Its durable design and construction makes it easy to set up and store as well. The Eton Road Torq is available at Brookstore for US$40.

Image Source: Eton

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