Eton Porsche Designed Stereo System

eton Porsche designed stereo system

Luxury brands have been expanding their clout during the recent years by incorporating their identity and trademarks on other products.  You have seen style icon Prada presenting its mobile phone created by LG, or the tall caramel-flavored Pepsi soda cans formulated by Giorgio Armani.  On this review, we will take a look at a stereo system designed by Porsche, a well-known manufacturer of high-end sports cars.

Together with Etón, Porsche develops a series of sound systems, the latest of which is a small-sized table top model called the P’9120.  Like its former Porsche design models, the P’9120 has three speakers that protrude on the front and a subwoofer inside.  It comes with an iPod dock and multi band radio system.  Not only it can receive AM and FM, but also XM, Shortwave, and RDS.  The iPod dock is complete with an OLED display and a remote control with a built-in torch.

You can see on the surface the amount of work done by the people of Porsche.  The body is extruded from high quality aluminum with a double-wall construction for superior acoustics.  The geometric acrylic block is seamlessly fused to the metal housing, while the speaker grills are painted black using rubberized paint for that unique texture, appearance, and durability.  The P’9120 also comes with a sub port solution, ventilation system that ensures sufficient cooling, and even a 12/ 24 hour clock as well as a variety of accessories.

The P’9120 can be used in two ways:  as your iPod’s blasting speaking system, or as your light and convenient radio.  The radio function also has 10 memory resets on every band so you do not have to struggle in switching to your favorite FM station, for instance. 

As since this radio is designed by Porsche, expect the tag price to be a little too extravagant for some.  The Porsche Design P’9120 is available at around $800, but you may avail of discounted prices.

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