Eton Mobius iPhone Solar Charging Case

Power is always an issue when it comes to portable devices such as smartphones. No matter how enduring the phone battery may be, it always pays to have a handy solar charger. Its even better if it is the Eton Mobius, a solar charging case for the Apple iPhone.

The Eton Mobius iPhone Solar Charging Case serves two essential functions for your Apple iPhone. First, it acts as a durable protective case for your smartphone and second, provides a means of a portable renewable power source. The Eton Mobius features solar panels at the back that can charge up the batteries of your iPhone when you’re out in the sun. it can double your phone’s battery life with its own built-in 1800mAh battery, important if you always use your phone as a media player or to browse the Web aside from making and taking calls. The new Eton Mobius is not yet available in the market, but it will be soon. Pricing for this handy iPhone accessory is also not yet available.

Image Source: Eton Corp.

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