Eton Boost Turbine2000

Getting power for your devices while on the go seems to have become an essential gadget in itself. With many busy people not having the time to find convenient power outlets to charge their many portable devices, they might as well bring their own external power source along with them wherever they go. While external backup batteries may seem a good idea, they become useless after their power is all used up, at least up until the next charge. A better option is have the new Eton Boost Turbine2000 instead.

The Eton Boost Turbine2000 is not just a back up battery pack that comes with a 2000maH lithium ion battery. It also comes with its own hand turbine generator to charge up the batteries. This way, users always have a handy battery power to charge their gadgets in exchange for some period of hand cranking. The Eton Boost Turbine2000 is certainly an improvement to the usual external back up battery. It is available at Eton for US$60.

Image Source: Eton

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