eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape

eTape16 Digital Measuring TapeFor many hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, having an accurate means to measure dimensions is essential to finish a work project successfully. The usual tool used by many is the reliable tape measure. It allows DIY hobbyists to make accurate measurements of certain materials they are working with. But accuracy is sometimes tricky. It is possible to get measurements with slight differences that can mean a lot to the success of a project. If you wish to be more accurate in this aspect of the project, you can consider using the eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape instead.

The eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape allows users to make more accurate measurements than ever before. It can help take the guesswork out of an important task such as taking measurements. It comes with a large digital display provides users with a digital result of their measurement. There is no need to just rely on reading the marks on the tape measure and wonder later on if you did it correctly. People can also use the digital result for confirmation if they get their manual measurement readings right. Users also have the option to display measurements in different ways, whether in inches, centimeters, or feet. Users can also consider using either decimals or fractions for measuring partial increments. They can also convert measurements at a touch of a button.

The eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape also comes with dual memory, allowing users to store up to two different measurements at any one time. The digital tape measure can also retain the last measurement made using it. The tape measure is protected by a durable polycarbonate case with a rubber top. It comes with a tape length of 16 feet. The eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape is available at Think Geek for $35.

Image Source: Think Geek

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