The eSight 3 Allows The Legally Blind To See 

People who are legally blind are considered to have very limited vision. Their vision can be very limited to that of people who are blind at birth. In a way, they can still have that hope of someday being able to  see. The new eSight 3 may just allow them to do that.

The eSight 3 is a special type of eyewear that allows legally blind people to see. It features a wearable device that comes with a high-speed HD camera that captures everything that the wearer is looking at. The algorithm of the device then enhances the video that it receives and then sends it on the two OLED screens located in front of the users eyes.  users then see full color video images clearly that they otherwise will not be able to see.  With the Bioptic Tilt feature of the eSight 3, users can adjust the device to the position that provides them with the best view of the video while  also maximizing peripheral vision. This helps prevent nausea which is a common problem that people experience with similar immersive technologies.

The eSight 3 is just smaller than those VR headsets, making it more comfortable to use on a daily basis. It helps provide legally blind individuals with a means to see their world clearly once again. The eSight 3 headset costs around $10,000. But for the legally blind who are being limited by their condition, it can be a small price to pay just to be able to see the world clearly again.

Image Source: eSight

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