Escort Passport iQ GPS Navigation System

Getting a ticket for over-speeding is always a hassle for drivers. With many speed traps set by the highway patrol set on certain highway zones, it might be quite difficult not to fall into them easily without being on alert all of the time while on the road. For those who might not be as skillful, new Escort Passport iQ may provide some much needed help.

The Escort Passport iQ is a GPS navigation system that also features a windshield mount radar and laser detector. Aside from providing GPS navigation data for drivers, this unique device also includes providing information such as speed traps and speed limit data. This will help drivers be aware of the traps and the speed limits to act accordingly before being caught for violating speeding rules.

The Escort Passport iQ relies on artificial intelligence to detect radar sources in the vicinity and recognize the real threats from the false ones. The compact GPS navigation device provide the information on its 5 inch color touchscreen display. It also provides voice guided turn by turn instructions, on screen 3D mapping and red light and speed camera notifications. The Escort Passport iQ is available at Escort Radar for US$650.

Image Source: Escort Radar

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