Escort Passport 9500i

Escort Passport 9500i

The Escort Passport 9500i is an expensive radar detector, but it is worth the investment. It screens effectively for false alerts and could “remember” those spots. It uses GPS to determine frequent false alert locations. The unit lets the user log those locations, thus removing them from future detection.

The gadget is capable of memorizing speed traps and other locations. With its TrueLock GPS filter, the user could input additional info like speed traps. This is besides putting into memory false alerts.

The Escort Passport also has a nifty feature where its alert volume adjusts depending on the noise level inside the vehicle. It has voice alerts. It also has the ability to display the vehicle speed while notifying an alert.

There are three different modes available, namely highway, city, and auto mode. The auto mode adjusts its sensitivity according to the running speed. It is more sensitive when the vehicle is at a higher speed and vice versa. The display is clear and easy to read. It also has five brightness levels. One could turn off the visual display for audio alerts only.

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