ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro for iPhone

More and more people have become dependent on their gadgets for a lot of things. For example, people have increasingly relied on their smartphones not only for managing mobile phone numbers but also for managing schedules and messages, as a source of entertainment as well as a lot of other things. That is why every data in it becomes more and more valuable. An accidentally deleted data can prove to be disastrous. For iPhone users, it is a good thing that there is the ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro available to retrieve them just in case.

The ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro is a data recovery tool for the iPhone. It can be used to recover deleted data quickly and efficiently. The data can be displayed on an easy to use interface on a Mac. The software allows users to retrieve both existing and deleted data on the iPhone, including text messages, call history, contacts photos and videos and other files.

The software used by the ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro is conveniently stored and runs directly from the secure flash drive, making it convenient to use with no more installations required. The flash drive can also be used as a 2GB USB flash drive to store data for back up to a Mac. The ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro for the iPhone is available at Enigma Recovery for US$80. If you do not have a Mac, there is also a version of the device for Windows for the same price.

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