Equinux tizi Mobile TV For iPad And iPhone

Watching TV while on the go has seem to be quite common nowadays. Many portable devices now feature different ways to watch TV on your portable devices. But for the iPad and the iPhone, that may be a feature that does not come with the device. If you wish to have such a feature for your Apple mobile device, that you might consider having the Equinux tizi.

The Equinux tizi is a special TV hotspot device that you can use with your Apple iPad or iPhone to directly watch TV programs. It works wirelessly with your mobile device. All you need to do is turn it on and connect to the tizi WiFi network and start the app from your device. The Equinux tizi may allow you to watch TV on your touchscreen device in its clearest and sharpest quality. Quite an interesting device to have, but unfortunately the Equinux tizi might only be available for those who live in Europe. It costs around 150 Euros to those fortunate enough to get it.

Image Source: Equinux

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