Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness Watch

Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness WatchFitness watches seem to be somewhere between the stage of obscurity and popularity. There are people who like and love to use them, but such health devices still had to have that much needed boost to make them catch the attention of a greater number of consumers. But that does not stop companies from churning out their own version of what is supposed to be the next big thing. Epson has come up with its own version of the fitness watch in the form of the Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness Watch.

The Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness Watch is a GPS tracker and fitness monitor designed into a single watch. It is a great companion for joggers or for those who love to move around to keep fit. Its highly accurate GPS tracker can be used to measure distance covered, pace, laps, altitude and more. This watch can also keep track of your daily steps as well as how much calories you have burned. The data can be displayed on the watch LCD.

The Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness Watch is an ideal companion for people who like to get fit and try to keep track of their fitness progress. Using this fitness watch makes more sense since it also supports other popular running apps now available. The Epson Runsense SF-110 Fitness Watch is now available at Epson for $170.

Image Source: Epson

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