Epson PM 260 PictureMate Compact Photo Lab

Epson PM 260 PictureMate

With digital camera now becoming a common thing and making everyday photography more convenient, some people may want to make copies of their shots in print. Printers may offer a convenient means but the resulting copies may not be as good and long lasting. That is why there are other gadgets like the Epson PM 260 PictureMate to fill the need.

The Epson PM 260 PictureMate is a compact photo printer that allows you to make copies of your digital shots right at home. It provides an easy, one-touch photo printing solution for those people who wish to get and give copies of their digital pictures as they capture them. Photo prints can be made in just seconds with varied picture size options.

The prints from the Epson PictureMate compact photo printer are also known to last four times longer than conventional lab prints. You get both quality and convenience having the Epson PictureMate to make your digital photo prints. Priced at US$180 at the Epson Store, it would surely be a worthwhile investment especially if you are fond of taking pictures often.

Image Source: Epson


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