Epson P-3000 Digital Photo Viewer

epson p3000

If you are a photographer and you find yourself always needing to delete photographs when your memory cards don’t seem to have enough space in the middle of a shoot, then you should become acquaintances with the Epson P-3000 Photo Viewer.

This is a media storage device which can store photos and videos as well right there on the spot even without a computer. Equipped with an ultra-fast processor, it is able to easily copy and backup your images on your memory cards. You’ll be able to transfer thousands of photos in no time at all and then proceed to shoot again.

It has an exceptionally-large 4-inch LCD for reviewing of your images. You can immediately view the photos that you took or you could even simply show off your pictures that are in your portfolio if you have one. It has a long battery life, 40 GB of storage space, Adobe RGB color space support and a beautiful LCD. Everything you want in a handy storage device and more!

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