EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System

Some people not only look at devices by the features they provide. Design and looks also become an important facet of their appeal. For such people, this unique EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System may just be one of those worth a second look.

The new EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System is a limited edition speaker system that is designed by Michael Young for EOps Technology. It features a bass dock unit along with two satellite speakers that look more like lighting fixtures than speakers. That is its unique appeal. The satellite speakers come with a 3″ 20 watt driver each while the subwoofer bass unit has a 4″ 40 watt driver installed

The speakers also works through wireless technology on an interference-free 2.4GHz frequency range. It also has a unique feature of adjusting the volume level by simply passing your hands over the subwoofer body or on top of the wireless speakers. The EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System may not be available for all since it is an Extreme Limited Edition set, with only 60 pieces made. Its price of US$1020 may also not be to everybody’s liking. As mentioned before, it is a speaker for those who considers design and looks, as well as with money to burn on such a speaker system. It is available at Colette if you are interested.

Image Source: Colette

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