Enzyme Icare Prototype Bike

Enzyme Icare

Everybody likes vehicles that look great. That is why vehicles today do not mainly become popular because of the power that they can provide in terms of performance. Aesthetic power in terms of visual design also counts a lot. This is the reason why design concepts and prototypes become quite interesting enough for many vehicle enthusiasts to ogle at even way before they are actually manufactures. In short, style and design count.

Whether it be motorcycles or cars, design in terms of visual appeal garners high points quickly for most consumers. And for motorcycles, uniqueness and innovative design do not usually come often, but they are welcome anytime. Consider this new motorcycle prototype from French design outfit, Enzyme.

The Enzyme Icare is quite a unique design concept for a motor bike. It seems to come out right from the future. And for its type of transport, the Icare may be a bit different since it uses four wheels instead of two, although it rides like a motor bike. For a prototype, the Enzyme Icare is powered by Honda’s 1800cc flat-six engine. From its looks alone, the Icare is quite an interesting concept for a motorbike and there might be quite a number of bike enthusiasts who might be interested. That is, if they have enough cash to afford it.

Image Source: Enzyme

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