Entry-Level Navigon 2000S GPS Navigator

Navigon 2000S

If you find it difficult looking for a GPS device that would be simple and easy enough to understand, Navigon has just released the Navigon 2000S GPS Navigator. This portable GPS device is designed for people looking for a GPS receiver and navigator that is relatively easy to use.

The 3.5" Navigon 2000S GPS Navigator is so thin and portable that it is very easy to bring along. Its features include basic and simple navigation to allow users to input their destination entry in as few clicks as possible. The software it carries allows very quick calculation times to provide the necessary navigation and direction data as quickly as possible.

The Navigon 2000S Navigator also features the trademark Reality View Pro as well as the Lane Assistant Pro features that makes this GPS line quite unique from other GPS devices. It also has a text-to-speech feature that allows even a more enhanced navigation experience for the user.

Image Source: Navigon

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