Engadget Tries on Honda's Futuristic Unicycle

While the Segway is slowly being buried in Land of the Forgotten, Honda has introduced its take on urban transportation, the U3-X Personal Mobility Device, with the guys of Engadget.

Shaped like a unicycle, the U3-X PMD was first introduced as an accessory to the company’s EV-N battery-powered car. It is built on the same balancing principles that keeps its robot ASIMO from tumbling over and uses the “world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system.” The rider moves by slightly leaning on the direction he wants to turn. First-time riders say that using the U3-X requires very little effort and at times make them feel like they could easily go flying with it, all while keeping a solid balance.

Although it seems like an awesome gadget, we doubt it would be mass produced, much like its many projects that never saw the light of production (even if they actually work).

Source: Engadget

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