Energy Sistem M2700 Shift DVD Player

Although DVD’s may be considered as a format that may be on its way out, it is still quite a popular format used worldwide. That is why DVD players may still have a large market to cater to. That is why there are devices such as the Energy Sistem M2700 Shift portable DVD player that may still appeal to a large customer base.

Spain’s Energy Sistem designs a unique portable DVD player in the M2700 Shift. It features a unique sliding 7″ LCD screen to reveal the DVD slot underneath. It also features a card reader for SD, MMC and MS media cards to allow direct file playback. The Energy Sistem Shift DVD Player can play DVD, VCD and SVCD movies as well as support MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP3, WMA and JPEG formats. It also contains slots for USB, A/V and for earphones. This unique portable multimedia player is available at Energy Sistem for 84.66 Euros. That would be around US$116.

Image Source: Energy Sistem

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