Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern

Having a ready to use light source handy during emergencies is always a good idea. You may not know when that emergency can come up. If you find yourself experiencing a flat tire while driving at night, go through a power outage at home or simply require light at the campsite, a portable light source is always a godsend. You can have yourself ready for such eventualities by having the Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern.

You might think of the Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern as a glorified flashlight of sorts. But it is more than just an ordinary flashlight. This folding LED lantern is capable of providing up to 300 lumens of bright light. Equipped with Energizer’s Light Fusion Technology, this LED light panel comes with LED bulbs that never burn out or needs replacing.

The Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern is an ideal light source to have during emergencies because it comes with a panel that can provide a 360 degree area light. A retractable stand makes it stable and hold upright in any flat surface. It is also water resistant and comes with smart dimming features that allow users to control brightness to suit different lighting needs as well as to conserve batteries. It runs on either four or eight AA batteries, giving users options for using just four batteries or for longer use with the max number of batteries that can make the lantern run for up to 100 hours. Its sleek design also allows for easy storage and transport. The Energizer Light Fusion LED Lantern is available at Amazon for US$30.

Image Source: Amazon

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